Is chartering a yacht expensive?

Chartering a sailboat around the islands of Malta and Gozo makes your holiday an unforgettable experience. This type of holiday can be fast or slow as you desire – filled with plenty of go-go-go excitement or just some time of quiet tranquility. We believe that it would be great to visit places which are hidden from tourist crowds. It is really exciting to find new anchorage spot and, once the anchor is set, to jump off the back of the boat for a refreshing swim or snorkel. Sounds attractive? Yes, but ‘it is so expensive’, ‘we cannot afford it’ are common answers and arguments, and it’s really not as difficult or expensive to arrange as you may think it is.

Yacht charters offer amazing value – we strongly believe that charter gives you the largest value of any holiday.
Why? Because chartering a yacht, with a crewed charter, you basically get a hotel room or villa that moves around islands under your plans and directions. By chartering a boat you get complete freedom and also privacy, while not being charged for daily costs such as resort fees, wind surfers, water skiing, or transfers to the nearby sites of interest. You simply sail there!

Bring your friends for more fun and a great deal!

Commonly, charter has one basic price for the complete boat which has four cabins and can accommodate even up to 15 people. This is opposed to paying for a hotel room where every couple needs to pay their own room. When you divide basic charter price on all people on board, daily price is quite reasonable. Like any other travel business, there are many opportunities to get a discount on your charter holiday. First and foremost, if you are willing to charter in pre- or postseason, you will most probably get a discount off of the top basic price.